Jen’s qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program, George Brown College

  • Personal Trainer Certificate, George Brown College

  • Personal Trainer Specialist Certificate (PTS), Canandian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro)

  • Kettlebell Fundamentals Certificate, Darby Training Systems (DTS)

  • Kettlebell Advanced Certificate, Darby Training Systems (DTS)

  • First Aid and CPR, Red Cross

  • Mother of two! She guides from experience and leads by example.

about JEN

Jen is the founder and owner of Queens Fitness Studio. Jen was brought up in the Fitness Industry through many family owned and operated Fitness Centers. With more than 10 years of personal experience in the Fitness Industry, Jen has worked with hundreds of Moms and Women alike. She created the Mom & Baby Program for Think Fitness Studios in Toronto 10 years ago where it increased in popularity and grew in scale under her directorship to the point where it warranted the time and space to run as its own independent program.

Photo credit Chris V Linton for D'FYNE Fitness Magazine "Moms Toughing it out", Summer 2018

Appearances and Publications

Jen has appeared numerous times on daytime television, and written articles for several fitness publications.

- Cityline, interviewed during Mom & Baby class
- Cityline with Tracey Moore, demonstrating strength training
- Strong. Beautiful. Role Model publication, authored article on Strength and Conditioning
- Sweat Equity Magazine, demonstrating strength, core stability and balance exercise
- D'Fyne Fitness Magazine, authored article on my One Tough Mother Program